Teach Act Checklist 
 The following is a checklist for instructors summarizing the requirements for TEACH Act compliance.

___The performance and/or display of copyrighted material(s) is an integral part of my class.

___The performance and/or display of copyrighted material(s) is directly related and of material assistance to the teaching content of the transmission.

___The mediated instructional activity material(s) being performed or displayed would be
• an integral part of my face-to-face classroom,
• analogous to my face-to-face classroom use,
• under my control, and
• under my actual supervision.

___Any displays and performances of mediated instructional activities are
• not ancillary materials,
• not used for the entertainment of students, and
• not used as unrelated background material.

___The mediated instructional activities will not displace
• a textbook,
• a course pack,
• e-reserves,
• digital library resources, or
• any other materials in any media.

___The materials are of the proper type and amount the law authorizes.
• Entire performances of non-dramatic literary and musical works.
• Reasonable and limited parts of a dramatic literary, musical, or audiovisual works.
• Display of other works, such as images, in amounts similar to typical displays in face-to-face teaching.

___I checked before digitizing an analog original to be sure:
• I copied only the amount that I am authorized to transmit.(where is the resource for what amount)
• There is no digital copy of the work available except with technological protections that prevent my using it for the class in the way the statute authorizes.

___I have attempted to…
• use technology that reasonably limits students’ ability to retain or further distribute the materials,
• make the materials available to the students only for a period of time that is relevant to the context of a class session, and
• store the materials on a secure server and transmit them only as permitted by this law.

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