Institutional Policy Makers Responsibilities
Copyright Policy
The University of Northern Iowa is committed to providing information about the TEACH Act and related copyright laws to faculty members who wish to incorporate copyrighted works into distance learning courses. The university’s goal is adherence to legally accepted practices that govern the use of copyrighted materials. For more information:

Copyright Information
The University has compiled a variety of resources that will assist faculty, students and staff members in complying with copyright laws. For more information:

Notice to Students
Students are notified that online materials used in connection with a given course may be subject to copyright protection.

Enrolled Students
Access to copyrighted materials in the University’s online courses and or courses that incorporate online components are restricted to those students who are enrolled in the particular course.


TEACH Act is supported by UNI's Rod Library, Educational Technology, Continuing Education and
The Office of SponsoredPrograms

If you have any other questions or concerns please contact the TEACH Act Committee


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